Sensitive Data? Anchor It™

Anchor is a powerfully simple way for businesses to secure and control their data.

Our Story

It all started with a simple idea. Data proliferation is exploding. Our sensitive data is online and we need better ways to protect and control it. Emre Koksal and Harihara Varma Indukuri demonstrated an award winning new way to control access to sensitive data through sound waves. What began as technological breakthrough has quickly evolved into the Anchor data protection and control platform. And the rest is history...
Our Vision Information is the result of work and is valuable property. Its owner has the right to realize its benefits while maintaining absolute control of it.
Our Mission To empower organizations to easily and affordably realize the benefits of their information by confidently using and sharing it as needed to do business without fear of it being lost, stolen, or abused.

Our Values

Anchor's values are the core tenets that we strive to embody everyday and that we believe help create our innovative company culture to allow for innovation and ideas to flourish.


We are committed to providing excellent data security software for our customers, so that data is never leaked.


We believe technology is a force for good, that can help make our lives easier. That’s why we are dedicated to creating meaningful products that allow organizations to achieve their full potential.


We are dedicated to providing easy to use solutions so that data security is never a hassle.

Continuous Learning

We strive to learn new things everyday. We believe that learning continues outside of the classroom.

Meet our leadership team.

C. Emre Koksal, PhD, SM

CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder

Eric Flecher

Head of Product

Harihara Varma Indukuri

CTO and Co-Founder

Matt Roberts

Director of Sales

Control the Data. Free the People.

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