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Data-Centric Security

Our zero-trust via encryption platform enables security that travels with data by making data its own security boundary.

The Traditional Approach to Data Security is Broken.

Absolute Data Control

What is DAtAnchor?

DAtAnchor is a simple and affordable universal transparent encryption solution. It ensures your data is unable to leave your business without your consent. DAtAnchor encrypts and restricts access to that data based on boundaries or business rules you create. The boundaries can be physical, such as requiring a user to be within a specific location physically and/or virtual, such as being a part of a group within the organization, etc. The encryption runs in the background unbeknownst to your employees. Data access can be cut off instantaneously and relegate existing data files unreadable regardless of current location of the data. DAtAnchor platform that can be deployed in a matter of hours.