What Do External Collaborators (Subcontractors) Do Once the Project is Over

Laptop user shows denied access, created by removing access for terminated employees.

*Picture this: Your IT team locks down all internal devices and networks, your employees perform top-tier data security protocols, and secure file sharing business tactics are baked into the behavior of your company. Though your day-to-day practices are up to snuff, you forget to consider a comprehensive plan for removing access for terminated employees, both […]

You Need to Protect Your CUI Files in a Manufacturing Environment. Here’s Why.

Manufacturing personnel works with sensitive information to ensure data protection over designs and CUI.

The manufacturing industry houses endless types of companies, which inevitably means many types of data. In fact, the manufacturing industry is one of the most frequently hacked industries, second only to healthcare. In a world in which competitive advantage is everything, imagine losing out on sensitive customer information, or a design that you’ve spent millions […]

A Guide to Document Control With Multi Factor Authentication

hand of asian chinese with blazer put on scanner device screen for security check access

Traditional security is built around keeping content and data within the walls of your network. Accessing this data required walking into an office and sticking your ID card in to gain entry (or the virtual equivalent). The COVID experience has opened our eyes to the fact that users are working with content and data in […]

A Guide To Legal Data Protection for HR Teams and C-Suites [Business Operations]

Human resources manager implements legal data security policies while sitting at a laptop.

Among their many other responsibilities, the Human Resources department of any company is largely responsible for the protection of sensitive personal data. Human Resources data security has become a necessary part of any job description. Employee reviews, salary information, medical information, and internal complaints are just the beginning of the types of information that can […]