Don't Get Boxed In With Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage to store data and use Anchor to secure it. Get the best of both worlds.

Cloud Storage Security Outside The Box

Anchor turns any cloud storage into a highly secure, zero-knowledge vault with unified security, governance and administration to make your data more secure and your life easier.

Cross Platform, Zero Knowledge Cloud Storage

Zero knowledge means you don’t have to rely on your cloud storage provider to keep your data secure because your data is encrypted end-to-end. They have absolutely no knowledge of what you’re storing on their cloud. Anchor turns your cloud storage into a zero knowledge vault.

Zero knowledge is the only way to know your data in the cloud is secure.

Anchor automatically encrypts files before they get uploaded to cloud storage and keeps the keys securely in Anchor. That means your cloud storage provider has no way to decrypt your data. But why should you care?

Less Risk

Zero knowledge eliminates the risk of a security breach due to your cloud storage provider. If they get hacked or have a rouge employee your data is still safe.

More Freedom

Separating your data security and governance from your cloud storage means you can easily switch providers or even use multiple providers at the same time .

Easy Admin

Administrative overhead doesn't increase when your storage ecosystem combines multiple cloud providers and on-premise storage.

Anchor makes cloud storage better.

Anchor doesn’t replace cloud storage. It makes cloud storage more secure and makes you less dependent on your cloud storage provider. You still use your Egnyte, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, etc… and Anchor adds world class data security on top of it.

More Secure File Sharing

Anchor enables powerfully simple and secure file sharing from cloud storage. Find out what it’s like to collaborate with a security-first mindset.

basic package

Anchor Provides Compliance with CMMC Certification

With Anchor the “system” is the set of Anchor-protected files containing CUI. Anchor simplifies CMMC compliance by reducing the system boundary from a complex architecture of networks and computers to a narrow set of anchored files. Minimizing the attack surface with Anchor zero-trust data security means an attacker being on the same network or even on the same computer as CUI does not expose it to them.

Quick Guide For CMMC Compliance

This document provides a comprehensive overview of CMMC 2.0 Level 2 and NIST 800-171 controls mapping that Anchor addresses. This guide will be your key to success in achieving CMMC compliance with Anchor.

Anchor Security Architecture For CMMC

This brief introduction to the basic CMMC requirements provides examples of IT infrastructures and how Achor fits in each. We provide a detailed mapping exercise illustrating the domains and subdomains covered by the Anchor platform.

Learn How NIST Supports Manufacturers

The integration of physical production and digital technologies has forever transformed the factory floor, but small manufacturers have often failed to protect their investments in these new technologies with a comparable investment in cybersecurity. 

Find out how your company can use crypto-technology that allows security to travel with the data versus within the confines of our network.

With Anchor, users can collaborate and share sensitive files anywhere, without an organization sacrificing control of their data security. Contact us to see how.