CMMC Compliance Made Easy.

Anchor protects any confidential information you have access to and makes CMMC compliance easier to manage and less expensive.

Uncomplicated CMMC Data Compliance

Anchor embeds protection directly into your data, which means that even if the files are moved, shared, or stolen, sensitive data remains secure.

Eliminate complexity

Anchored CUI protects itself regardless of where it resides. It is not necessary to move it in order to physically or logically separate it.



Reduce audit scope

Anchored CUI files are only accessible to enrolled devices. Other devices cannot intentionally or accidentally access CUI.

Impenetrable CUI

A system or network breach shouldn't always mean that data has been stolen. Anchored CUI is always FIPS-validated encrypted, so even if there was a breach, the data in the files that were broken into would still be 100% safe.

Modernized incident response

Breaches can cost a lot of money. During a breach, Anchored CUI keeps a record of every successful file access. Anchor users can meet the DFARS-7012 72-hour requirement for reporting the breach scope to DIBNet with just the click of a button.

Protecting Your CUI

With Anchor, you can implement data protection in minutes:


  • Satisfy 27 CMMC 2.0 controls
  • Ensure CUI is always encrypted
  • Achieve file-level protection and logging
  • Instantly revoke access to CUI in any location
  • Generate a detailed access audit trail
  • Secure any application, including. CAD, MRP, PDM, and PLM



Satisfying 27 CMMC 2.0 controls


Ensuring CUI is constantly encrypted


Achieving file-level protection and monitoring


Instantly revoking access to CUI in all locations


Generating a detailed access audit trail


Securing all applications, including. CAD, MRP, PDM, and PLM

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CMMC Data Protection in Minutes

Implementation should never disrupt your business. If CMMC compliance is a priority for you, it's time to find a partner who treats it as such. Anchor allows you to quickly implement industry-leading features such as:

Why Anchor for CMMC Compliance

Anchor users get best-in-class cyber defense that is designed to help your environment:


Progress toward compliance without making drastic changes to your workflow.


Get affordable modern security that works with what you already have.


Simplify your system architecture by storing CUI in Anchor-protected files rather than a complex network of computers and networks.


Reduce the potential attack surface to the CUI itself by directly protecting it with strong encryption and intuitive access control.

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Real-time tracking of sensitive data. Audit trails of each access, including physical location.