Data security from design to delivery

Protect your manufacturing intellectual property without disrupting your business

Stop threats from stopping your production line

Secure critical data to maintain uptime

From CAD to engineering, and from your design offices to your plant, your intellectual property is moving through your manufacturing process and numerous hands. Protecting it from threats along the way is your biggest cybersecurity challenge. Ransomware attacks are of particular concern as they are often directed specifically at the manufacturing sector.

But threats can be internal as well as external. Employee data theft, particularly by exiting employees, is a more common threat and can be just as impactful and costly to your business

Security that travels with your data

Low cost, easy to implement, transparent experience

Anchor works with all the applications you depend on – design/CAD, 3D modelling, engineering, simulations, project management, etc. – to protect the confidential data within your files and prevent ransomware attacks without disrupting your manufacturing processes.

Anchor uniquely protects all files agnostically. Whether files are on work-from-home desktops or mobile devices, or located in your plant, HMI kiosk, on-premise file share or in the cloud, your data is protected while on the go.


Quick to deploy and easy-to-use SaaS solution

Transparent Experience​

Frictionless data security works in the background like antivirus


Encrypted and 100% “self-protecting,” even if files are stolen.


Impervious to attacks yet won’t force you to break the bank

Anchor supports leading CAD applications

CMMC data protection compliance made easy

Anchor protects the sensitive and confidential data you are entrusted with
  • Helps attain CMMC compliance simply and affordably, AND without changing the way you operate or disrupting your business. 
  • Embeds protection into the data – Files can be moved because the data is self-protecting. 
  • Uses no controls that lock down networks, devices and people and frustrate business users. 
  • Brings affordable modern security to your existing infrastructure 
  • Simplifies your system architecture – Keep Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Anchor-protected files instead of a complex system of networks and computers 
  • Shrinks the attack surface down to the CUI itself by protecting it directly with strong encryption and powerfully simple access control.

Remove controls that slow processes and add complexity

DLP only gets in the way

DLP forces you to put your critical data into limited environments to keep it safe, slowing down your engineering and production teams. IT controls that lock down networks, devices and people don’t protect the data once files are moved, shared or stolen.

Learn about the Anchor Security Architecture for CMMC 2.0

This quick guide outlines CMMC requirements, provides examples of how Anchor works in various IT infrastructures and offers a detailed mapping exercise illustrating the domains and subdomains covered by the Anchor platform.

Want to see how easy it is to Anchor your manufacturing data?