New Era with Remote Workforce Indefinitely.

The Covid-19 epidemic is growing, forcing a shift of almost all workforces onto remote work environments – every day we are moving closer to completely borderless data access.


Are you ready to address all threats to sensitive data in the work from home era?

The shift to remote work has changed risk surface, which refers to anywhere an organization’s ability to operate, reputation, assets, legal obligations, or regulatory compliance is at risk.

How can Anchor support remote work?

Anchor offers data security in a distributed work environment.  Eliminate data losses in the work from home era with oneclick setup for the entire organization.  Maintain control of your files even when employees are connected to personal networks, on personal devices.  Anchor is a highperformance datacentric security solution that enableaccess and data sharing without giving up data ownership. 

Anchor’s Cloud, IoT, and Third Party Sharing services allow for remote governance. 

Anchor is simple, compliant, and ready to deploy.

Quick Guide for CMMC Compliance with DAtAnchor

This document provides a comprehensive overview of CMMC Level 3 (based on v1.02) and NIST 800-171 controls mapping that DAtAnchor. This guide will be your key to success in achieving CMMC compliance with Anchor.

Download Guide for CMMC Compliance with AnchorMore Information regarding CMMC Security Architecture with Anchor