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Data Security & Privacy Vlog
Michael Zinn of Micro Systems Management ( talks to The Anchor about cybersecurity and protecting sensitive data in a remote work environment. Michael is a systems engineer & certified forensic examiner who has done extensive high-level network security work for both commercial and national defense.
The SolarWinds hack is a big deal not just because of hack itself, but because it represents an example of a much larger problem. A lack of robustness in today's network and security architecture. Professor C. Emre Koksal explains why this is a systematic problem that will repeat itself if we don't change the way we think about cybersecurity.
Troy Fine, a certified CMMC registered practitioner and provisional assessor at Schneider Downs gives us the low down on where we are with the CMMC journey at the end of 2020 and how DIB contractors should get started.

Quick Guide for CMMC Compliance with DAtAnchor

This document provides a comprehensive overview of CMMC Level 3 (based on v1.02) and NIST 800-171 controls mapping that DAtAnchor. This guide will be your key to success in achieving CMMC compliance with Anchor.

Download Guide for CMMC Compliance with AnchorMore Information regarding CMMC Security Architecture with Anchor