Zero Trust Data Security

Anchor takes zero trust architecture to a whole new level.

The Network Is No Longer Safe

The world is connected and distributed. Data lives in the cloud and on IoT devices. Employees are working remotely and bringing their own devices. Bad actors are already inside your network.

A zero trust architecture is the only way to be secure.

Our need to share information and collaborate is only increasing. Our sensitive data is digital, online, and at risk. Data is our most valuable asset and it’s time to shift from protecting networks and computers to protecting the sensitive data itself. It’s time for ZTA: zero trust architecture.

Anchor delivers zero trust at the file level.

 Your networks and computers are no longer in the circle of trust. Anchor changes the game by shifting the paradigm from complex network security to simple file security that actually eases the administrative burden while providing stronger protection of your sensitive data.

Anchor Provides Compliance with CMMC Certification

With Anchor the “system” is the set of Anchor-protected files containing CUI. Anchor simplifies CMMC compliance by reducing the system boundary from a complex architecture of networks and computers to a narrow set of anchored files. Minimizing the attack surface with Anchor zero-trust data security means an attacker being on the same network or even on the same computer as CUI does not expose it to them.

Quick Guide For CMMC Compliance

This document provides a comprehensive overview of CMMC 2.0 Level 2 and NIST 800-171 controls mapping that Anchor addresses. This guide will be your key to success in achieving CMMC compliance with Anchor.

Anchor Security Architecture For CMMC

This brief introduction to the basic CMMC requirements provides examples of IT infrastructures and how Achor fits in each. We provide a detailed mapping exercise illustrating the domains and subdomains covered by the Anchor platform.

Learn How NIST Supports Manufacturers

The integration of physical production and digital technologies has forever transformed the factory floor, but small manufacturers have often failed to protect their investments in these new technologies with a comparable investment in cybersecurity. 

Find out how your company can use crypto-technology that allows security to travel with the data versus within the confines of our network.

With Anchor, users can collaborate and share sensitive files anywhere, without an organization sacrificing control of their data security. Contact us to see how.