Anchor Protection for Exiting Employees

The easy way to keep your valuable data from walking out the door

Exiting Employees Are One of Your Biggest Data Security Risks

Stop the data exodus with Anchor

Employees come and go. In between, they have access to your corporate systems and apps and all the valuable data within. Removing this access is an obvious step to keep terminated and exiting employees from taking sensitive and proprietary data with them when they leave. 

But what about the proprietary and sensitive files they already saved to their personal hard drive, or downloaded in the 30 days prior to their planned exit? 

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Employees Exit, Data Stays

How Anchor closes the door on data loss

Intentionally or not, your employees put your data security at risk. Every day. And that risk only increases when they leave. 

Traditional security controls focus on protecting the perimeters around the data, locking down networks and devices. But when an exiting employee takes data outside those perimeters it is no longer protected, and data is lost.

The Anchor approach:

Leverages a zero trust strategy

Anchor takes data protection down to the individual file level to protect the data itself. “Anchored” data becomes its own security boundary, encrypted within the file so it remains uniquely protected in all data states – in use, in transit, and at rest.

Bases access on user role

Employee access is managed centrally using multifactor access controls allowing you to grant access without giving up ownership. Because data remains under your control, you can shut down data access to corporate assets immediately if an employee leaves.

Keeps files encrypted

Any Anchored files in a former employee’s possession, including in personal backups, remain protected as unreadable ciphertext. A digital chain of custody enables you to retrace employee file access activity including use, sharing, and any transfers of ownership.

Insider data exfiltration happens. Unless you Anchor it.

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of employees admit to taking company documents from an employer before they left.

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